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IDENTIFY HIGH-RISK DRIVERS We use a proprietary points system that integrates all Driver’s Alert products and issues a driver score based on documented unsafe events. From identifying your most at-risk drivers to actually changing behavior, we save you time and money, and improve fleet safety and productivity.


DON’T JUST SCORE DRIVERS, CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIORS Most fleet safety management programs stop at a driver scorecard. Driver’s Alert provides a true end-to-end driver risk management solution that actually prescribes training based on unsafe events. The end result is a fleet safety management program that actually changes driver behavior.


INSURANCE: OFFER YOUR CLIENTS ADDED VALUE Driver’s Alert partners with some of the biggest names in the insurance industry. Help your clients improve fleet safety and realize lower premiums. We’ll provide you with the marketing tools required to uniquely differentiate your company – helping you keep existing clients while attracting new ones.

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Attention Fleet Manager: Fleet Safety is Important Too!

Attention Fleet Manager: Fleet Safety is Important Too!

The Driver’s Alert philosophy is that there are no bad drivers, just bad habits. This is clearly demonstrated in the safety improvements outlined above. The upshot? A sound fleet safety program makes it possible to turn around an “unsafe” driver, thus reducing company liability and averting a termination. And with the cost of hiring a new driver hovering around $7,000, this savings quickly adds up over a period of one year.

Safety-Based Fleet Telematics Done Right

Safety-Based Fleet Telematics Done Right

Thousands of years ago, Aristotle stated that “it is frequent repetition that produces a natural tendency.”   It is a philosophy that I reiterate to my own employees and is easily relatable to safe driving behaviors.  This is what I want to share with you – a way to...


Improving Fleet Safety with Telematics 

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Vehicle Telematics Basics

Driver’s Alert Sales Engineer Paul Murray takes few moments during a rainy day in South Florida to reinforce the importance of safe driving and highlight how vehicle telematics works.

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How Driver’s Alert’s GPS/Telematics Solution Is Different

Driver’s Alert Sales Engineer Paul Murray highlights what makes its GPS/Telematics product unique. Paul briefly explains the SmartRisk solution …

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Complimentary calls are my favorite. I really enjoy helping someone get the recognition they deserve for being a safe and courteous driver!

Desiree Bidun Safety Specialist

I feel better knowing that the safety reports we take help make the roads safe for our own families.

Tynetta Sims Safety Specialist

Employee Tynetta Sims
I enjoy playing a role in transforming safety cultures. It’s extremely rewarding to hear from customers six months after implementing the Driver’s Alert solution.

Lori Sullivan Senior Account Executive

Employee Lori Sullivan
Safety isn’t an expense. It’s an investment.

Paul Murray Driver Safety Guru


Company logos and names are nice, but it’s the unique characters and personalities comprising our team that create so many loyal Driver’s Alert clients. We care about safety. That’s why we’re still here 25 years later. If you’re ever in South Florida, come visit us. We’ll take good care of you.

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