Vehicle Telematics and ELD Solution

Our GPS/telematics solution is powered by Geotab, an award-winning, globally-recognized leader in telematics technology. We integrate this solution with our own web-based Enterprise Fleet Safety Management system to help you make game-changing improvements in driver safety, fuel efficiency, preventive maintenance and operational costs. Advanced telematics technology cost-effectively puts a “supervisor” in every vehicle to monitor location, fuel consumption, engine health, speed and acceleration, harsh braking, and much more.
Our customizable online portal and risk identification system allow you to focus on what’s most important, how often to report it and what action to take. When combined with our 1-800 ‘How’s My Driving?’ driver observation program, you are able to document a full range of unsafe driving behaviors that will give you a clear picture of where your fleet is most at risk. Analyze trends for individuals, fleet groups or the entire fleet. We help you convert data into a safer, more profitable fleet.
Need an electronic logging device (ELD) solution? Geotab’s ELD solution, Geotab Cloud ELD, is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). With Geotab Cloud ELD, you can leverage a reliable and user-friendly fleet platform for tracking, managing and sharing records of duty status (RODS). All you need is a Geotab GO telematics device with a mobile device running the Geotab Drive app (available for Android and iOS). Unlike hard-wired or Bluetooth paired solutions that use a time-based approach with periodic status checks, the GO device continuously records and transmits data to the cloud-based MyGeotab fleet management software to effectively monitor and record Hours of Service (HOS), including RODS and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRS).
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Safety-based vehicle telematics stats:

  • 45% fewer vehicle accidents
  • 75% reduction in speeding events
  • 90% improvement in seat belt usage
  • 80% reduction in aggressive driving (e.g., hard cornering)

Operations-based vehicle telematics stats:

  • 25% fuel savings
  • 30% drop in idle time
  • 10% fewer miles driven
  • 14% lowering of maintenance costs
  • 15% spike in productivity
  • 20% increase in vehicle utilization


Reduce fuel costs by decreasing idling time, speeding and other inefficient driving behaviors.

Monitor predictive engine health data.

Limit wear and tear by ensuring targeted maintenance.



Significantly lower insurance, claims and workers’ comp costs.

Monitor and correct unsafe behaviors in real time with our in cab driver coaching.

Use historical data to identify high-risk drivers or trends.



IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

Ensure FMCSA compliance with reliable, time-saving tracking and recordkeeping of Hours of Service and DVIR.

Use “accident memory” to help reconstruct accidents and aid legal efforts.



Streamlined online dashboard and carefully filtered email alerts consolidate data into actionable items.

Prevent information overload for fleet managers.

Eliminate redundant or irrelevant data.