This new training course will help your drivers ensure a vehicle is in safe operating condition.


This new training course will help you make a cold environment a safer one.

Are Your Fleet Drivers Helping or Hurting Business?

In this article, we look at the impact employee behavior has on brand image and business health.


Purpose-built. Easy to use. Readily accessible. Training has never been more convenient.


New Training Course: Help your drivers understand how their behaviors impact your company’s reputation.

Speeding Awareness

Speeding is a factor in 31% of all fatal crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This course examines the hazards of speeding and shares what you can do to reduce the risk of having a speeding-related incident.

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Did you know Driver’s Alert offers the newest safety training in the market? More than 150 eLearning courses comprising 100% original content all developed in-house. And we do more than just fleet safety. Branded under LMS Courses, Additional topics include Health & Wellness, HR/Leadership Development and Workplace Safety.


Fleet Safety Courses EHS Courses

Parking Lot Safety

Professional drivers can encounter many dangerous conditions in parking lots, whether making a delivery or simply stopping by a shopping center to pick up lunch. This course reviews the common hazards of parking lots as well as what to do and what to avoid doing in parking lots when driving, parking, walking and departing

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Winter vs. All-Season Tires: The Difference is Real

Winter vs. All-Season Tires: The Difference is Real

Weather and road conditions change continuously throughout the year. Sometimes, your tires should change too. Yet tires are one of the most ignored components of your vehicle. If you live in a region that experiences harsh winter weather conditions, you probably need...

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5 Tips for Surviving Long Drives

5 Tips for Surviving Long Drives

Are you planning on going on a road trip? It is no secret that long distance driving can be taxing and troublesome. Many people get tired, bored and distracted during long drives. Drivers are often victims of “highway hypnosis,” a condition...

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As an industry leader in fleet safety training, we love content! Whether it’s formal eLearning or targeted microlearning, increasing safety awareness is our goal. Armed with really cool video cameras and all the latest audio/video equipment, we leverage our passion and creativity to create short videos that inform. From how-to videos and interviews to public service announcements (PSAs) and charity events, Driver’s Alert is the authority to turn to for all things fleet, safety and training.


Quality Under Adversity

Hope things are getting better after the Hurricane. Even in the middle of Hurricane [Irma] and evacuation, your office staff provided excellent customer service. Your people are awesome! May God bless them abundantly.


Loss Control Coordinator,
Major US City

On Point

I would like to thank the trainer for doing an excellent job. The meeting was on point and very useful. I am a first-time user of Driver’s Alert and after the training today I feel like an expert. Please pass on my sincere thanks as my team and I now feel very comfortable with using Driver’s Alert. Thanks again.


Branch Manager,
Major Beverage Manufacturer

Great Service

Driver’s Alert has a great program and always provides great customer service. Thank you for looking into this for us. Have a nice day!

Corporate Fleet Administrator,
Global Engineering Company

Very Helpful

Thank you for setting up the weekly and monthly reports for us. It really helps a lot with keeping track of all the violations. The weekly is what we give to the supervisor to figure out who did each violation. The monthly reports are for our meetings to review the overall numbers, etc. You have been very helpful! Thanks again!



Director Management Consulting Services,
Intermediate Care Facility


I really appreciate Driver’s Alert. It is so easy to edit my vehicles on your website, and your customer service is always amazing.

Vice President,
Food Service Company


FANTASTIC! Thank you for your timely and very professional service, you are an asset to the Driver’s Alert Company. Please forward this to your management group as I will be asking for your assistance when needed moving forward.

Corporate Operations Advisor,
Major Water Treatment Products Company

Infographic Corner

Anatomy of a 1-800 ‘How Am I Driving?’ Incident Report

Anatomy of a 1-800 ‘How Am I Driving?’ Incident Report

  In the following infographic, we show you the five steps involved in a 1-800 'How Am I Driving?' incident report call---from recording a motorist's in-field observations to ensuring a safer driver returns to the road. Also included are some facts about our 'How Am I...

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Course Description

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used to protect against many hazards. This course covers different types of PPE, how to select appropriate PPE for various situations, how to use, care for, and maintain PPE properly, as well as employer and employee PPE guidelines.safely.

Duration: 00:35


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