calendar  30 Years of Improving Safety

Since 1989, Drivers Alert has been serving vehicle fleet and safety managers with solutions that improve driver behavior, promote safe working habits, and mitigate financial losses.


As one of the first companies to offer a third-party decal-based driver observation program, Drivers Alert has fielded more than 30 million calls under its 1-800 ‘How Am I Driving?’ program called  SmartWatch(TM).This translates into thousands of saved lives. The SmartWatch program has also assisted in the unexpected, including stolen vehicle recoveries, a drug ring bust, and even David Letterman’s comedy routine!

light-bulb2  Continuous Innovation

Along with our flagship decal based How’s My Driving Program, today Drivers Alert offers technology-based solutions that include GPS and telematics tracking, Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) reviews, and online training. Our premier technology-based solution is SmartRisk(R) — the industry’s most comprehensive driver risk management solution for fleets. SmartRisk integrates all Drivers Alert products to produce a risk score for each driver, making it easy to identify problem areas.


Ask us about the switch and save program we offer for teams that are using different GPS Solutions.


We offer a comprehensive eLearning catalog of over 160 courses covering topics from driver safety, workplace safety, HR and leadership, health and wellness, and more. If you need a training solution, our content development team can deliver an engaging, high-quality course tailored to meet your requirements.

people  What Makes Us Different?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking all vehicle risk management systems, or training solutions are the same. Drivers Alert goes beyond ranking your drivers. We help you document the employee coaching session and then prescribe training to improve driver behavior – permanently. Our vehicle and training solution is the only one available that truly corrects unsafe safety and driving behavior.


Want to get better acquainted with us? Our fleet safety and training solutions video is a great place to start!

Smith System’s Solution add to our Offerings

As a result of an acquisition by Smith System, we’ve expanded our eLearning library and now offer driver safety courses using The Smith5Keys®. This can include instructor-based, behind-the-wheel training at a location near you.