calendar  30 Years of Improving Fleet Safety

Since 1989, Driver’s Alert has been serving managers of large and small vehicle fleets with safety solutions that improve driver behavior and mitigate financial losses. In fact, our first customer, M&H Automotive, is still a customer today!

Founded in South Florida as one of the first companies to offer a third-party decal-based driver observation program, Driver’s Alert has fielded more than 30 million calls under its 1-800 ‘How Am I Driving?’ program called SmartWatch(TM). This translates into thousands of saved lives. Over the past 30 years, the SmartWatch program has also assisted in the unexpected, including stolen vehicle recoveries, a drug ring bust and David Letterman’s comedy routine!

light-bulb2  Continuous Innovation

Today Driver’s Alert also offers technology-based solutions that include GPS and telematics tracking, Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) reviews, and online training.

Our premier technology-based solution is SmartRisk(R) — the industry’s most comprehensive driver risk management solution for fleets. Smart Risk integrates all Driver’s Alert products to produce a risk score for each driver, making it very easy to identify problem areas.

people  What Makes Us Different?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking all vehicle telematics solutions are identical. Thousands of companies have invested in telematics for their fleets and found out the hard way that cheaper is not better. Benjamin Franklin once said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” As a result of going with the lowest-priced provider, fleet managers have learned that (1) ranking drivers alone doesn’t change behavior, (2) software tools and device quality run the gamut, (3) and great customer service is essential.

Driver’s Alert goes beyond ranking your drivers. We help you document the employee coaching session and then prescribe the training to actually improve driver behavior – permanently. Our vehicle telematics solution is the only one available that truly corrects unsafe driving behavior. See how we’ve perfected the process of implementing a safety-based telematics program in Safety-Based Telematics Done Right.

Road-ConeDriver Safety Is Important Too!

We’re very familiar with the great divide between Fleet and Safety. All too often the fleet manager is purchasing a telematics solution without driver safety in mind. Don’t think fleet safety is important? Take a quick look at Attention Fleet Manager: Fleet Safety Is Important Too!

We’re changing this culture one fleet at a time. And to show you just how serious and committed we are to this cause, we’ve begun a nationwide tour to address the importance of driver safety and how to get a better handle on it in your fleet. We’re coming to a city near you and we call this event 7 Ways to Become a Rock Star at Fleet Safety Management. Lunch is on us! We’d love to see you!

Want to get better acquainted with us? Our fleet safety solutions video is a great place to start!

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Our New Business Partners

If you are affiliated with companies that share your values and goals, there's no telling what you can achieve. Driver's Alert would like to introduce you to our new affiliates.



“We were reluctant to use Driver’s Alert in the beginning because ThyssenKrupp Elevator had already established its own best-in-class call center, including the implementation of our own ‘How’s My Driving’ program. The process of receiving calls and notifying our branches worked well, but to enhance the success of the program we realized we needed to add or refine other elements related to tracking, reporting and driver’s safety training.”

– TOM ARMSTRONG ,Director of Fleet Management, ThyssenKrupp