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The Driver’s Alert Driving Safety Podcast is an ongoing series of conversations with some of the most influential people in the field of transportation safety, addressing important topics such as distracted driving, aggressive driving, seat belt usage, traffic laws, connected cars, autonomous vehicles and so much more.

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Ep3 – JANNA PELLE – #HitAndRunProject

Janna Pelle is an alternative pop artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Her lifelong friend and former bassist, Patrick Wanninkhof, was tragically killed by a distracted driver during a cycling trip across America for charity. Janna is determined to raise awareness about the issue of distracted driving through music with her album “VOICEMEMO,” illustrating stages of grief with auto-related imagery, and through social media with the introduction of the #HitAndRunProject.

Ep2 – TODD BETZOLD – Arrive Alive Tour

Todd Betzold is the Director of Marketing at Unite Corporation, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Todd is responsible for managing the company’s brand through its websites, social media accounts, newsletters, press releases and digital campaigns. He also serves as the spokesperson for Unite. Todd’s principal focus is on the company’s Arrive Alive Tour, a program that travels to high schools and colleges around the United States to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and drunk driving.

Ep1 – LORI OLSON – Pulse

Loris Olson is the Fleet Sales Director for Pulse, a vehicle braking technology company that reduces rear-end collisions via an a third brake light that rapidly pulses when the brake pedal is activated. This technology is helping companies and universities reduce rear-end collisions by 50-88%. Lori has been instrumental in the company’s transition from dealership to fleet sales. She believes that the distracted driving epidemic is playing a major role in rear-end collisions, making the Pulse third brake light essential in grabbing a driver’s attention.


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