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The Driver’s Alert Driving Safety Podcast is an ongoing series of conversations with some of the most influential people in the field of transportation safety, addressing important topics such as distracted driving, aggressive driving, seat belt usage, traffic laws, connected cars, autonomous vehicles and so much more.


Ep18 Officers Matt Baker and Marc Taraso – Distracted Driving

Matt Baker and Marc Taraso are police officers for the Halton Regional Police, a law enforcement agency serving more than 500,000 residents in a suburban area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The agency’s innovative approach to policing is highly effective because according to Statistics Canada’s Crime Severity Index, the Halton Region is the safest regional municipality of its size in Canada. In this episode, Officers Baker and Taraso discuss their efforts to eliminate the occurrences of cell phone use while driving. They explain that ending distracted driving isn’t just about enforcement, it’s about education.

Officer Marc Taraso

Officer Matt Baker

Ep17 Ted Chen – Distracted Driving

Ted Chen is the Co-Founder at LifeSaver Mobile, a Silicon Valley-based technology company that has developed an app designed to prevent drivers from using their phone while driving. In this episode, we cover many aspects of the distracted driving epidemic including the insurance industry, law enforcement, cell phone policies for fleets and what it will ultimately take to make our roads smartphone-free. The LifeSaver app is available for both fleets and end consumers.

Ep16 Officer Marcus Mahanty – The TacBook

Marcus Mahanty serves as a police officer in the greater San Diego, California area, and is the inventor of the TacBook—a pocket-sized, quick-reference tactical field guide for law enforcement that includes thousands of vehicle codes, health and safety codes, and penal codes. In this episode, Officer Mahanty talks about some of the responsibilities of a police officer and explains how the TacBook is already helping police around the country more easily perform their duties. We also discussed distracted driving, drunk driving and drowsy driving.

Ep15 Tasha Hairston Springs Distracted Driving

Tasha Hairston Springs is the Founder of Texting is Risky Business, an organization committed to raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. On October 17, 2012, Tasha was texting and driving when she drifted out of her lane and collided with another vehicle. She spent six weeks in the hospital. In this episode, Tasha recounts her story and discusses her mission to end distracted driving.

Ep14 Michael Welvaert – Corporate Safety

Michael Welvaert is the Regional Safety Director at Comfort Systems USA, a national heating, ventilation and air conditioning company with $2.5 billion in annual revenue. Prior to starting his career in corporate safety, Michael spent 25 years in the United States Navy, retiring as a Special Warfare Operator Chief (Navy SEAL). In this episode, Michael shares his experiences in safety management and offers advice for building a successful safety program.

Ep13 Jacy Good – Distracted Driving

Jacy Good is a nationally-recognized speaker and the Co-Founder of Hang Up And Drive, an organization with a mission for cell-free roads. In 2008, Jacy lost both her parents, and nearly her own life, to a distracted driver. In this episode, Jacy discusses the epidemic of distracted driving and her work to educate the public about the dangers of cell phone use behind the wheel.

Ep12 Laura Nguyen – Alcohol Monitoring

Laura Nguyen is the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Intoxalock, the industry leader in alcohol monitoring and a manufacturer of ignition interlock devices. In this episode, Laura educates us on the alcohol monitoring industry and explains how ignition interlock devices work. She also provides some insight on the issue of drunk driving and what it will take to make our roads alcohol free.

Ep11 STEVE SISSONCorporate Safety

Steve Sisson is a Certified Safety Professional with more than 15 years of experience in the field of safety. He is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Safety FM, a safety services company that assists organizations with improving their safety programs. Steve is also the host of the podcast “Safety Talks” where he discusses “all things safety.” In this episode, Steve addresses pressing issues in both workplace safety and fleet safety, including the topic of safety culture.


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