The Driving Safety Podcast

The Driver’s Alert Driving Safety Podcast is an ongoing series of conversations with some of the most influential people in the field of transportation safety, addressing important topics such as distracted driving, aggressive driving, seat belt usage, traffic laws, connected cars, autonomous vehicles and so much more.


Ep10 TODD AVERY – Driving Instruction

Todd Avery is the Owner and President at Safe Driving Coach, a Philadelphia-based company focused on teaching new drivers the “rules of the road.” For the past 15 years, Todd has dedicated himself fulltime to the hands-on coaching of hundreds of first-time drivers. In this episode, Todd talks about his approach to driving instruction, the distracted driving epidemic and developing a defensive driving mindset.

Ep9 Mike Branch – Safer Roads via Big Data

Mike Branch is the VP of Data & Analytics at GEOTAB, the global leader in vehicle telematics technology and data science. At GEOTAB, Mike is responsible for data strategy and innovation, as well as the management of the data engineering, data science, machine learning, and data visualization divisions. In this episode, Mike addresses big data, smart cities and connected vehicles and how these technologies are being used to make our roads safer.

Ep8 Emma Gold-Utting – Electric Vehicles

Emma Gold-Utting is a Customer Success Manager at FleetCarma, an award-winning, clean-tech information and technology company that is driving the adoption of electric vehicle usage by business fleets. In June 2018 Fleetcarma was acquired by Geotab, a global leader in the Internet of Things and connected transportation. In this podcast episode, Emma discusses electric vehicle market trends, electric power grid demands and the future of vehicle fleets.

Ep7 Melissa Wandall – Red Light Cameras

Melissa Wandall is a nationally recognized traffic safety advocate and the President of the National Coalition for Safer Roads. Melissa began her journey for safer roads in 2003 when her husband, Mark, was killed by a red-light runner. Her dedication to this important cause led to the Florida State Legislature’s passing of the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act in 2010.

Ep6 Scott Rownin – SafeRide Mobile (Distracted Driving)

Scott Rownin is the President and CEO of SafeRide Mobile, a Connecticut-based company with a mission to use technology to fight the growing epidemic of distracted driving. SafeRide is an app that locks the driver’s smartphone when the vehicle is in motion. The technology works for both consumer and business applications.

Ep5 Robye Nothnagel – Colorado Drive Safe (Distracted Driving)

In 2017, Robye Nothnagel was attempting to walk across a street when she was struck by a distracted driver. Robye suffered multiple bone fractures and internal injuries, leading to months of rehabilitation. Determined to do something about distracted driving, Robye founded Colorado Drive Safe, a coalition with a mission to build a safer driving environment in the state of Colorado.

Ep4 Karen Torres – All4UDad (Distracted Driving)

Karen Torres is a distracted driving awareness advocate, speaker and educator. In 2006, her father, Patrick Mapleson, was conducting road improvements along a stretch of highway in the state of New York when a cement truck, driven by a distracted driver, entered his work zone, striking Patrick and kill him instantly. Karen has turned her personal tragedy into a learning tool by starting All4UDad, a program designed to raise awareness about distracted driving.

Ep3 JANNA PELLE – #HitAndRunProject

Janna Pelle is an alternative pop artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Her lifelong friend and former bassist, Patrick Wanninkhof, was tragically killed by a distracted driver during a cycling trip across America for charity. Janna is determined to raise awareness about the issue of distracted driving through music with her album “VOICEMEMO,” illustrating stages of grief with auto-related imagery, and through social media with the introduction of the #HitAndRunProject.


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