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On March 23, 2018, alternative pop artist Janna Pelle appeared on the Driver’s Alert podcast to discuss her new album “VOICEMEMO”, which illustrates stages of grief after losing someone to distracted driving. Janna is an anti-distracted driving activist and recently introduced the #HitAndRunProject as part of her overall effort to raise awareness about this pervasive issue. In 2015, Janna lost her lifelong friend Patrick Wanninkhof to a distracted driver when he was struck on his bicycle while riding across America for Bike and Build, a charity that raises money and awareness for the affordable housing cause.

Topics discussed include:

  • The inspiration for “VOICEMEMO”
  • The mission of the #HitAndRunProject
  • The song “Hit and Run” – What is it about?
  • The song “Autopilot” – What is it about?
  • The song “Dent” – What is it about?
  • The music video for “Hit and Run”
  • “Hit and Run” music video release party/event
  • Progress in the effort to fight distracted driving?
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