How to Check Your Tire Pressure

One national study revealed that most vehicles on the road today are inflated at only 80% of the vehicle manufacturer's recommended pounds per square inch (PSI) rating. Driving a motor vehicle with underinflated tires is dangerous. It can result in...

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Your Vision and its Impact on Driving Safety

Sight is usually considered to be the most important of your 5 senses, which is why it is important to take good care of your eyes.   Why is Your Vision Important in Driving? 90% of driver information is visual. The ability to have good vision is a vital part of...

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What Exactly is Defensive Driving?

The road can be a dangerous place. Well over one million people die in car crashes in the world every year, according to the World Health Organization. Motor vehicle accidents represent the tenth most common cause of death globally in 2015. On US roads, there are over...

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Safe Summer Driving

Summer is a time when you spend your days at the beach and bonfires with friends at night – usually with fruity drinks in hand. Summer is my favorite time of year because the days feel longer, you can swim endlessly in the ocean, and end the night with a tan and a...

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How to Avoid Road Rage

In a society of frequent commutes on congested highways, road rage seems to be fairly common (either through direct experience or news reports). Many accidents on the highways and streets are due to drivers’ inability to control their temper while behind the wheel....

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What is the Definition of a Safety Culture?

Who cares? Who needs a definition of “Safety Culture”? Is there really a separate “Safety Culture”? Do you have a “Productivity Culture”? How about a “Quality Culture”? The main problem with the mentality of trying to establish a safety culture is that it makes safety...

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Preventing Hot Car Deaths This Summer

The summer months are upon us, which means temperatures are rising and days are packed with more activities. The summer months are also when the most heatstroke-related deaths occur among children – with a majority of the cases resulting from being left in a hot car....

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Is Distracted Driving the New Drunk Driving?

It took almost 70 years for drunk driving awareness to become a powerful social movement and 90 before the government enacted a national standard for BAC levels. With all our knowledge today, doesn’t that seem outlandish?   New York was the first state to ban...

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Should Drivers be Trained How to Use a GPS?

This week The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency announced that they will be changing the road test for drivers in England, Scotland and Wales starting December 2017. As part of that change drivers will be required to drive for a full 20 minutes, answer vehicle...

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Road Trip Safety Tips

In late October I packed up everything I could fit into my compact car in Upstate, New York and logged over 3,600 miles to settle down in sunny San Diego. I grew up loving road trips and explored just about every area that was under an 8-hour drive from my hometown....

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Increase in Traffic Deaths on U.S. Roadways

Despite a significant increase in both auto safety mechanisms and road infrastructure, the U.S. has seen quite a hike in motor vehicle accidents. Reports show that in 2015 alone there were over 2.3 million car accident injuries and more than 35,000 fatalities—a 6.3%...

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Post-Car Accident Checklist

A car accident is a shocking and traumatic event, even if no one is hurt. While you might have a hard time processing what just happened, you need to be aware of what’s required from you to protect yourself legally and ensure you and the other drivers on the road are...

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School Buses Across the Nation Getting Ticketed

School bus drivers are trusted by millions of parents across the nation to get their children to school on time and, more importantly, safely. While most bus drivers do just that, some are a bit more reckless. They receive traffic tickets while driving the bus, which...

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Must-Have Car Safety Features in 2017

Like any other average car buyer, I had not set foot into a dealership in over eight years, but I decided that 2017 was the year for a new purchase. Excited at first, I stepped into the dealership office and immediately felt overwhelmed as I stared at the newest,...

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Will Self-Driving Cars Eliminate Accidents?

As Uber rolls out a small fleet of self-driving cars and Tesla begins production on vehicles with full self-driving capability, autonomous cars are all the latest buzz. Although advancements in technology are not quite up to par with that of George Jetson’s flying...

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